The Silent Tears

Tears swell up my eyes,but they fear to let go,
The eye has been their savior for long...
Once outside the safety of its realms,
They fear the uncertainty of their own flow.

With no one to wipe them off,
How will the flow ever stop?
They fear being misjudged, being loathed at, and, being mocked at..
There is no one to lend a comforting shoulder, to hold the hand, 
or to have small chat...

Life has become too busy,
Spinning so fast, that it makes me dizzy,,
Having a heart of glass makes matters worse
In the fast paced selfish world, to be so naive and touchy..is more of a curse!

As I start expecting, the relations start dying.
At nights i stay awake..twisting and crying.
I don't want to be the doormat, for wiping their dirty feet,
I would rather try to do my bit, speak no words and as lights go out..
Beat a silent retreat!

So I stand up, holding my tears back
I try and talk sense to them, but, they are nearer to the heart, and 
feel it from deep within.
They know its pain, more than I do.
And, I stand still when my eyes begin to fill,
For if I take a step..they will trickle too.
And, the heartless world will not have a clue.

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