The Friend Who Never Was

Tip tip, when the rain drop drips

I find my heart longing for you…

Splashing the pools of muddy rain water,

Cries of joy and that hearty laughter.

I look for you inside and out,

Only to find you gone.

The times have changed and so have you..

And, I see someone..Who is very new.

I feel the void and it hurts too much

May be I was special, but not that much..

You moved ahead with your fast paced life

I couldn’t even fathom the reason for the cooked up strife..

Remembering the day we had first met..

I remember the warmth in your eyes and the handshake we held for long,

There was a connect we felt..

How could we both be so wrong?

They say,

Pure friendships find it hard to stay,

You find new ones and then you stray away..

Such a loser you proved to be dear friend,

Just don’t do this to another one, don’t make this a trend.

This wasn’t a friendship that was meant to be,

At the very first chance, you chose to flee.

May you live your life with a regret so strong,

May you feel that bad and you feel so wrong.

Coz true friends are not that easy to find,

It’s a bond of the heart and not of mind.

When you travel through life you need good friends,

So you go happy and hearty, when the life ends..


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