At the Corner of the Street

Far ahead,  besides the corner of that street he stood…

Gentle eyes watching over me, with every little step I took.

From the very first breath and the very first step, he has seen me grow

My childhood banter, teenage freckles, and the fiery adult glow!


I have had few talks

And, so many walks, near around where he stands..

I have had my lunch and danced around in my gaudy purple pants.

He still stands quiet, casting a shadow…haunting it might seem.

While, the lamp post casts a longer one, with its high fluorescent beam.


In the years that went, I ran through life …

In a careless flip flop manner

For everything that happens to me,

I know he be the planner…

Bright days and dark nights bring out the good and evil in me,

But, at the corner of the street, he stands still, unwavering like a tree.


Between the good and the bad and the farce called life…

I think I strayed away,

He gave his branch as a helping hand

And, saved me from the sway.

When I stood safe beneath the shade it gave,

Its love touched me, like a soothing wave.


He has been there and he will be,

No matter what I do.

He has been kind and will never mind,

No matter how I be.

He’ll lend me the shade, when I need to sleep

He’ll lend me a flower, when I smile and weep

He’s my friend and someone who doesn’t make me fear

At the corner of the street, he stands still, our lord, the almighty!


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