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Ha-Pea Mother’s Day

Ha Pea Mothers Day! ..said the first card my son ever made for me.

Let me introduce you to my son: A naughty two and a half year old, asking for constant attention. A cranky single child who clings on you like a magnet. A little dependent being who starts walking in sleep: finding mumma missing from his bedside…and a chatterbox who makes you go insane at times. But, do I love this? Oh yes.

As he came back from his pre-school today and entered the front door, he flashed that bright blue, yellow card in his tiny hands: and, recited…Ha-Pea Mother’s Day Mumma. I could just hold him tight in a bear hug and thank the Lord for this eternally blissful gift.

So, Ha-Pea Mother’s Day said the first card ever my son made for me. Those tiny hands did well at pressing and pasting the smiley shapes of a mommy and baby sailing away in a boat. While, the inquisitive little being that he is…he innocently looked for his dad in the card. And, so, I guess the kind teacher had to point him to the Flashy Bright Pink Heart between the smiley mommy-son duo… as the DAD. Whatever!! But I loved the thought. Haha…

So, here I stand today, celebrating this day as a ‘mother’. A title that celebrates all the joys and sorrows, all those fears and strengths…that a mother holds within. The day that honours and respects all mothers around us, for what they are, and, for what they do…day in and day out.

And, today on this Mother’s Day, I can not think and thank enough, my own mom. For, I can’t even begin to match what she has gone through to raise me up. The struggles of those days were entirely different. So, thank you mumma…even if this ain’t enough! And, a very Ha-Pea Mother’s Day to you.

With best wishes, I would like to share a sweet thought for all the mommies  out there, reading this: Daily Prompt- Fry


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