The Imaginary Love

When I was tumbling down

You came around

Holding my hand, you pulled me to you

And, from that moment alone…I was out from the blue.


I loved the way you kissed my cheek

The gentle rub and the warmth in your hug

There’s something about the way, you bring sunshine to me

And, I am gonna be with you…let the whole world see


Comforting shoulder, hand in hand

Love closed the distance…that I could never stand

And, one fine day the bubble burst

You were never real, never quite near…

It was as if I had made this up

They say…I have gone mad,

and that makes me sad

Not because, I am not in my senses

But because love is long lost…and the joys that I had

were all Imaginary

I cry and urge for The imaginary Love…


6 thoughts on “The Imaginary Love

  1. Mystical yet wonderful piece of art. Loving the way that you bring out the colours of the lines into stanzas of miraculous state-of-art. Hope to see more wonderful works from you. Have hope, write on!


    1. Thanks much Bryan.The blog is all about what heart feels. The layers within open up bringing happiness, pain, misery, jealousy…and what not. Sometimes you get scared of your own self…pity your own life experiences and rejoice in many.

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